New Work – Doughbird – North Central Phoenix

A.R. Mays Construction is thrilled to partner with Field Paoli Architects and Fox Restaurant Concepts to bring the new Doughbird – North Central Phoenix to the community for Summer 2023. Located on the corner of N. 7th Street and San Juan Avenue, Doughbird – North Central Phoenix is a 4,400 SF complete interior remodel that features a modern and eclectic mix of bright colors, contrasting wood details, and a centerpiece bar that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant’s light, airy space is divided into sections beginning with a striking bar at the center of the space. The bar’s millwork is complemented by colorful, checkered tiles accentuating the surrounding walls, and is scaled to feel welcoming and cheerful. Beyond the bar, the main dining room has an energetic, modern feel with intimate tables and plush banquettes. The thoughtfully designed, spacious outdoor patio that surrounds the building allows guests to enjoy their meals in the fresh air while taking in the city’s bustling energy. The resulting space and brand design exudes a modern welcoming front with touches of playful elements, to create a unique dining and entertaining experience.