Project Evaluation

  • Perform a needs assessment
  • Create an outline of owners specifications
  • Identify and define project components
  • Create a conceptual budget

Value Engineering

  • Identify and evaluate the materials, means and methods
  • Engage subcontractors and suppliers for alternative solutions such as reduced cost, shorter schedules and higher quality
  • Present reliable alternate building solutions to owner/team

Constructability Review

  • Review plans, project requirements and specifications
  • Evaluate materials, systems and delivery via page turning
  • Provide a comprehensive list of items to be discussed among design disciplines

Cost Control

  • Develop conceptual estimate / cost models
  • Provide detailed cost breakdown
  • Solicit subcontractor input
  • Prepare final project cost estimate
  • Provide cash flow management


  • Define all construction activities and durations
  • Identify any required phasing plans
  • Incorporate subcontractor input
  • Team creates critical path schedule including procurement of volatile or long-lead items

Subcontractor Selection

  • Select subcontractors utilizing our thorough qualification process
  • Internally track subcontractor utilization
  • Select trade partners and qualified competitive bidders
  • Involve owner and architect in selection


  • Verify compliance with federal, state and local regulations
  • Provide project safety plan
  • Prepare job site security plan

Site Logistics

  • Develop site staging plan
  • Coordinate all site and building mobilization activities